About Us

Jarvi Seeds Pvt Ltd. is one of the best vegetable and fruit seed companies in India. We specialize in Vegetable seeds, Fruits seeds and offer F-1 hybrid, open pollinated and heirloom varieties. We offer more than 100 hybrids and varieties in 10 different crops.

Our research team strives to develop suitable hybrids for diverse market requirements. Major emphasis is on regional preferences, adaptability, disease resistance, yield, taste and shelf life. The product development team acts in close co-ordination with R & D and marketing and conducts trials, extensively in the farmer’s fields before releasing to the market. Close interaction of marketing & product development team with the farmers ensures that best products reach the farmer. All the production and research is done in India, Israel and China using advanced growing techniques.

We Jarvi Seeds understand the importance of the seeds in relation to livelihood and prosperity of the farmer. This has helped us to understand the difficulties of grower and the needs of end customer.
Managment :
Jayesh Patel is the Chairman and Managing Director of Jarvi Seeds Pvt Ltd. A dynamic Visionary farmer and has been very aggressive in promoting and implementing scientific farming.
He is a man of vision and action, A leader of Farmers has set up a India’s First Grafting Nursery house for Vegetable and Fruit at Bharuch in the state of Gujarat that is today known to be the best Nursery House in India.
He is associated with local farming activities and garners a positive and strong will to do something challenging for all growers.

Tushar Patel is the Director of Jarvi Seeds Pvt Ltd. A Visionary farmer. He has strong entrepreneurial experience in the Indian agriculture.
As a Director Tushar Patel contributes hands on experience in managing the procurement and operational function in Crop Protection and Production.
He helped us to understand the difficulties of grower and needs of end Farmer.

Mrs. Mansi Tushar Patel is the C.E.O. of Jarvi Seeds Pvt Ltd. She is a microbiologist and a Laboratory Technician. Mrs. Mansi is also associated with local farming activities.

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